Lincoln locks

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The other day my daughter and I drove out to a local farm and purchased a raw lincoln fleece. Lincoln sheep have a long, curly fleece.

This farm had 2 Great Pyrenees dogs that lived in the fields with the sheep to protect them from coyotes.

I bought this gorgeous silvery fleece with yellowish white tips.

It was very dirty. I washed it up over 2 days. Then let the sun dry it over time. Wool is amazing, it's light and fluffy, it repels water but it's so insulating that it needs to be spread out to let the air get to it.

I spun up some super bulky yarn and loved the end result. While I was spinning them I had a big, fluffy pile in my lap as my family sat around the living room visiting. We all played with them. I threw a clump to my husband and he put some under his shirt collar to look like he had a super hairy chest! Then my sons pretended to have a mustache and beard, or a funny clump of hair on top of their heads.

The other day I couldn't resist embellishing our weimaraner, Jack. He didn't like the fuzziness and pawed at it some to get it away but in the end he couldn't stay awake to fight it any longer.

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He was my pawn to dress up and take humiliating pictures as I liked. :)  As a thank you to those who follow and read my blog I have put up a 10% off coupon in the Etsy shop good this week. Ends June 24th. Use "WTS10".


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